5 reasons why live-chats are in the past and the new age belongs to the messengers

5 reasons why live-chats are in the past and the new age belongs to the messengers

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There is a statement that could be accepted by all the marketers and business owners and it sounds like “It is right to look for your target audience on their own territory”.

Let’s imagine that your customer is a man who is interested in sports. Would you advertise your business on the website for mummies?

Logically, your communication with customers should be conducted in a comfortable and habitual place. Nevertheless, a huge variety of brands still force the client to go back to the website whenever they need to receive information or make an order.

Why might live-chat become a history soon?

For some period of time, using live-chat have been justified and usable variant for both sides: business and customer. But now it has become morally obsolete, as were calls and emails. Today the key role of communication belongs to messengers.

According to the eMarket research, about 3/4 of smartphone users are active in messengers at the same time the whole audience of the most popular messengers is about 5 billions active users per month.

In a few words, it explains why messengers will become the main (or even one and only) channel of communication with clients in foreseeable future.

Despite an increasingly fast popularity of messengers, only a few brands allow their customers to choose this way of communication. You can be the first to set up mssg.me widget. As a result, visitors of your website will have a competitive possibility to reach you in messengers directly from the website, and your brand eventually benefits.



What are the advantages of mssg.me widget?

1. Conversion

According to the research of the American Marketing Association, using a live-chat increases conversion on 20%. At the same time, using the widget with messengers demonstrates much higher results.



For example, Reliance Brands reports that their conversion among WhatsApp goes up to 80%. Moreover, Facebook-bot Just Eat presents more impressive statistics. Therefore for 3 months, the number of re-orders has increased by 13,5%. Meanwhile, the conversion has reached the figure of 266% which is even higher than it is in advertising in social networks.

2. Dependency on the website

Live-chat is attached to the website. Every time your client needs to contact you, he/she should enter your website.

Our widget allows your clients to talk to you in messengers. And after that, the client doesn’t need to enter the website again, because the conversation will take place directly in the messenger.

3. Time for the answer

You should always be online to talk to your clients in live-chat. According to our experience if you don’t answer in a minute, the client closes the window and you lose him/her. While writing in live-chat the user is expecting to get an instantaneous answer from the opposite side, as if from the telephone call.

But if the client writes to you in messenger, you can answer him/her when you have time and possibility. Even if the user writes the message and closes the messenger – you will never lose him/her, as you are already connected.

4. Possibility to return to the dialog

You can forget about clients in closed dialogs in live-chat. After you have completed your mission and closed the deal – you don’t have a possibility to return to the conversation and through it, or add something. Every dialog begins from the ground up.

Messengers allow saving conversations with all of your clients. Any moment you can look through what you were talking about, to clarify details, advise an additional product, inform about new arrivals or admission of the required item.

5. Info about client

Live-chat doesn’t provide an opportunity to get useful information about your clients.

While a client reaches you in Facebook or Vkontakte you can get an access to the personal information, what will help you not only to understand who is your client but as well create a buyer-persona – the leading element of effective marketing strategy.

As a conclusion, we want to mention that choosing messengers for communication, you didn’t only take care of your customers, but get evident advantages for the sales department, support, and marketing.

How to set up mssg.me widget and get more conversations from your website?

1. Firstly, you have to sign up (if you have already done – log in your personal profile)
2. Click on the button “Others” and choose “Widget on website”
3. Choose the color, form, and position
4. Fill the headline and description for the pop-up window
5. Copy your code and send it to your developer. Please, mention that it should be pasted before tag </body>

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