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Our service is absolutely free, but if you want additional options - we have a PRO tariff for you

Monthly AnnuallyDiscount -30% Monthly AnnuallyDiscount -30%
  • Pro

    9 6 7
    per month
    • All BASIC features
    • Unlimited links
    • Analytics by messengers and links
    • Additional design settings
    • Remove branding
    • Widget on website
    • Integrations
    • Support priority
  • Free

    $ 0 per month
    • Personal card
    • Add one link
    • General analytics
    • Basic design settings
    • QR-code

* Prices are mentioned in US dollar

Frequency asked questions

  • How to upgrade to PRO account?

    • Enter your personal profile
    • Chose type of the payment: monthly or annually
    • Then click on the button Buy PRO
    • Fill info from your VISA, MasterCard, American Express card and the amount will be automatically charged from your card.
  • How to unsubscribe from PRO account?

    • Enter your personal profile
    • Click on the button Options and choose Pricing
    • Click on the button Unsubscribe

    You will be automatically transferred to FREE account and monthly / yearly payment will be NOT charged from your card.

  • What is the exchange rate in the bank?

    By the current rate of the Central Bank.

  • Can I pay for a month but by an annual price?

    No, if you pay via year the amount of $60 will be charged from your card.

  • Is it a monthly subscription or one time payment?

    It is monthly subscription. An amount of $7 / $60 will be automatically charged from your card after each month / year.

  • What to do if I face problems with payment?

    Be sure that you have right limit of payments in internet and double-conversation are allowed. If you still have problems with payment – please, contact our customer support center via widget.