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  • mssg.me for you

    For You

    Forget about phone numbers. All that you need its just one link.

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    For Self-Employed

    Your time is everything! Don’t waste it on finding the way to communicate you.

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    For Business

    Get widget for your website and let your customers connect you in the easiest way.


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So simple, as it possible.

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Now your email sign can look so nice, as never.

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Place widget on the website and get much more connections.

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    $ 0 totally free
    • 30 connections ?

      Connect is a unique click on one of the messengers in your profile.

      The quantity of the clicks updates monthly, it depends on the date of registration.

      When connections will be expired – you receive requests from your clients via email and messengers in your profile change on the contact form.

    • Basic analytics
  • Pro

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    per month
    • Unlimited connections ?

      Connect is a unique click on one of the messengers in your profile.

    • Pro analytics
    • Active "Custom button"
    • Facebook Pixel ?

      Pixel is created to gather audience from the website, this is a useful tool for advertising campaigns.

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