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  • What is the difference between BASIC and PRO accounts?

    If you are a BASIC user you have a possibility to add only one messenger and user your personal QR code.

    PRO users have full access to all functions of Page, Widget and Inbox.

  • What is the price for a PRO account?

    It depends on the size of your team.

    You should pay $9 per month per one teammate.

    For example, you have a team of three members. In this case, the price for the PRO account will be $27 per month.

  • Can I try PRO account for free?

    Of course, you can try all the features of a PRO account with an unlimited number of members in your team for 14 days.

    Cancel your subscription on the PRO account during the first 14 days and you will be not charged. We will switch you on the BASIC account which is free forever.

  • What will happen after the end of free trial of PRO account?

    On the 15th day of using platform, the system will charge you on the amount of your PRO account.

    If you unsubscribe from the PRO account during the first 14 days, you will be not charged and we will automatically switch you on BASIC account.

  • How to pay for the PRO account?

    1. Click on the button “Try PRO” when register.
    2. Choose the size of your team.
    3. Enter your card details. In the bottom of the block, you will find the amount, which will be charged from your card after the trial.
    4. Click on the button “Start FREE 14-day trial”
  • How to unsubscribe from the PRO plan?

    1. Enter your personal profile
    2. Click on the button “Settings” and choose “Tariff plans”
    3. Click on the button “Change plan”
    4. Click on the button “Choose BASIC”

    If you face any problems while using platform, feel free to contact us via the widget in the right bottom corner.

If you have any questions, write to our support service through the widget in the lower right corner of the screen.