Seven Features of Unforgettable Instagram Profile

Seven Features of Unforgettable Instagram Profile

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How much time do you spend on looking through an Instagram profile, before you make a decision to subscribe? It takes less than one second for most users.

Less. Than. One. Second.

This is insane, but, nevertheless, a potential follower should be interested from the first sight to follow your profile. We have selected seven main features, which you should take into consideration while you are creating an Instagram profile or editing an existing one.

We have divided the Instagram profile into seven separate parts:

We want you to imagine an existing of the cosmetics’ brand named Nancy. And now we will create and fill the profile for this brand on Instagram.

Seven features of catching Instagram profile

1. Easy to find the name

Be very serious while you are choosing the name because your profile success much depends on it. The right name is easy to find and memorise. When a user is entering first symbols in the search field, it should emerge among fist results and be well recognized.

If you are not a world-famous brand or celebrity, which is well known, users should read the name of your business and understand the essence of your work. Users may be disappointed when they come across the content and understand that it does not suit the name of your profile.

There are a few issues you should pay attention to while choosing the name of your Instagram profile:

Pronunciation and spelling

Make sure the name is easily typed (there are no crazy letter combinations, emojis and symbols). The name should be simple and not distractive.


Apparently, you can not have already used name. And you should avoid similarity with other brands from your category.


We have already mentioned, that the name should be relevant to the content you publish. Use a keyword concerning your niche in the name.

Just think about: what does your potential customer type firstly in the search field? The keyword. If you don’t have it, you could be lost among other results.

Full name

You may use either your real name (especially if you have a personal brand) or short description of your business.

In our case, we have the name Nancy. For sure it is unavailable, so let’s try something like nancy.cosmetics

In one stroke we bloodied both sides, the name of the brand is in the username, it is clear that the brand specializes in cosmetics.

2. Quality profile photo

Your Instagram photo is one of the most important elements in attracting new followers. Firstly, your potential followers see and estimate it, while they are deciding whether they want to follow you. You have only one chance to make the first impression. Thus be sure that it is made perfectly.

We offer to use a logo of your business as your profile picture. Pay attention to its quality and resolution. As well as it is well known and may be distinguished among competitors. If you have a personal brand, you can set up your photo, where your face is well seen. Preferably with a smile!

We have a simple logotype made with custom font and a small sign under it. This sign is called descriptor. Usually, it is used to indicate the sphere of activity of the brand. We should not upload the logotype with descriptor because it will be so small, that users will not have a possibility to see it. That’s why we upload just a main part of the logotype.


3. Perfect biography

Biography on Instagram is your personal card. It should immediately give an understanding of who you are, what you are doing and how you can be useful. It means that you should very carefully write your biography to make an ideal first impression.

Follow these tips to create a biography, which will impress your followers:

  • Switch to the business profile;
  • Choose your category;
  • Mention who you are and what you are doing (e.g. “business-couch”, “dance school”, “non-gluten bakery”);
  • Tell your audience what to expect from your profile (e.g. “ Pieces of Advice about conducting business”, “Training videos”, “Best non-gluten recipes”);
  • Don’t forget about a call to action. Allow your followers to make some actions, like making an order or booking a call (“Get in touch”, “Download guide”, “Make an order”);

So we switched to the business profile and chose the category “Beauty/Health”. We have mentioned that we sell cosmetics and propose to make an order via the link below.


4. Link on the website

Notice that your potential clients could not have a possibility to send a message to you on Instagram if they did not follow you. Don’t miss those clients and give them an alternative opportunity – add in your Bio the link on your profile, there you can gather all messengers on one page, therefore the client can reach you in messenger which he/she prefers in 2 clicks.

Typically, such a page with messengers increase sales from your Instagram profile. Also, if you have a website, you can place the link on it and add your social accounts on this page too.

Create a page with messengers

5. Story highlights

This is a great possibility to give answers to frequently asked questions, show actual items and items for sale. The user will probably look through them, as video content is much more interesting than photos or text.

As we are in the cosmetic industry, we will make stories on the next topics: FAQ, recommend, actual, sale. And then add them to highlights.


6. Contacts and location

The button “Contact Us” is accessible only for business profiles. This is one of the reasons why we persistently recommend to create it if you have not done it yet.

Instagram provides three types of contacts: telephone, email, and address. Depending on the type of your business, you can use one or several variants, it is up to you.

Point your location

It is obligatory, especially if you have a local business. If you mention your location, you provide a possibility to your followers not to guess or google where to find you. It will make your profile easily identified for the attraction of new customers in your region.

Use geo-tags

Instagram gave you a fantastic possibility to use geo-tags. Tagging your location in the picture helps to find your profile in the section “Places” while searching.

Here is how your profile will look like if you fill all of the fields:


7. Style of your profile

The last, but not the least point, which makes users follow your profile is the content. Do you create unbelievable content making your followers stick to their displays? If you don’t do this, you have to start immediately.


All popular Instagram profiles are formed in the same theme and style. It means that all the photos suit each other and look nice as a coherent whole.

It would be perfect if nine first photos in your profile were so visually attractive, that your potential customers would definitely follow you.

Follow these tips to create great visual content:

  • Tell the story. Besides an aesthetic moment, each photo should be “about something”.
  • Use the one colour scheme.
  • Stick to one style and filters.
    Try to use a special application for creating effects, such as VSCO, Snapseed (iOS, Android), Abode Lightroom.
  • Publish only visually attractive pictures.
  • Do not forget about relevance. Publish photos corresponding to your followers’ expectations.

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